We share a core belief:
convenience wins.

Conceived in a coffee shop / May 2018

Interacting with consumers of today has changed.
Customer-to-customer is the new (big) business as usual.

It all started with tea, the Prince's Trust & a laundrette

12 months ago Seen co-founder, Will, and Princes Trust mentor, Meyrick Williams, joined over a coffee to discuss progress. Will had a background selling goods on Amazon and understood the importance of reviews to rank high on Amazon's product pages. Will's Dad owned a laundrette in South Africa and negative reviews where making him look bad. He had loads of satisfied customers that enjoyed the great service and family values, but only unsatisfied customers seemed to interact with him online. This sparked a train of thought, which...

After speaking with Meyrick, it was clear that this is a common problem for business owners. What if we could capture those everyday positive interactions that get lost as customers walk out the door? So Seen was born. They got to work creating a product that helped local businesses build an accurate and honest online influence through reviews. Will went from selling door-to-door living in the office, to finding an obsessed and ambitious team delivering delight in the heart of Southampton.

Founded in Woolston,
Southampton / 2018

Will Walsh

Co-Founder & CSM

Josh Poulten

Co-Founder & CEO

Chris Swain

Co-Founder & CRO
Business of Software Europe - London 2018

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